Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bea the Owl

I really loved Bea's owl costume this year for Halloween. It turned out way better than I thought it would. And yes, I made it. (I'm an art director, people. I do this kind of stuff for a living. Well, sorta.)
Like I've said before, I don't sew. But I can iron. This entire costume was ironed onto two pieces of 1-inch upholstery foam with heat-fusing transfer paper. I think I went through 15 yards of the stuff. But it worked like a charm. (Pretty much destroyed my ironing board cover and a few fingertips, but that's OK.)

I didn't have a pattern, but I sort of made one from an owl-themed baby shower invitation I designed last year. The retro owl "look" has been very popular lately, and I really wanted to make it work as a costume. 

The best part was, it was soooooo soft. I used polar fleece and felt fabrics, inside and out. I knew it would have to be super cozy or Bea wouldn't wear it. She liked it so much, she lounged on it like a pillow.
She won BEST COSTUME at the WSU Trunk-or-Treat party. But once again.... my best intentions for a fun costume turned to tears. Bea tripped going up some neighbor's stairs when we were trick-or-treating and did a face-plant onto the cement. Ouch. An ugly bruised chin and lots of sympathy candy later, she was OK.

Oh how my kids have to suffer for their mother's love of Halloween.


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