Saturday, October 23, 2010

A trick-or-treat test run.

WSU was having a Trunk-or-Treat party on campus today, so we decided to give our costumes a test run. We were a woodland menagerie: owl, squirrel & troll. I made the owl costume, but we bought the squirrel & troll costumes. (This mom knows her way around a hot glue gun, but she doesn't sew.)

Why didn't Eric dress up, you ask? Well, he doesn't find the joy in it like I do. Plus, we needed someone that could lead us around and work us through a crowd. He and my sister Sharon were our Halloween wranglers. While our costumes are fun, they're not the most practical. Gus and I could barely see or hear anything under our hot, sweaty masks, and Bea's little hands couldn't reach around her big, ol' owl body for any candy that people were offering her. Poor thing. (Note to self: next year, make hand holes.)

But we had a great time. Everyone stopped us and asked if they could take pictures of us...or WITH us! One lady even wanted me to hold her baby with my creepy troll hands. Whatever. Sure. Just don't spit up on my beard, kid....

And Bea even won a plastic, gold trophy for "Best Costume" in the costume parade. So yeah, I'd say this was a pretty successful trick-or-treat test run. Can't wait for Halloween next week. Darkness will add a whole new element of difficulty, I'm sure.


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