Sunday, October 31, 2010

A ghoulish game.

Gus' 3rd grade class had their Halloween costume parade and party on Friday. As you can imagine, things can get a little chaotic at an elementary school on Halloween - costumes, parties, 100's of parents wandering around, and lots & lots of sugar. 

As a room mother, I wanted to attempt a fun activity, but I didn't want the class to get out of control. So I came up with a goofy game called "Ghoulish Grab Bag." The kids had to reach inside my bucket of ghoul (green spaghetti and pealed grapes) and pull out either a TRICK or a TREAT. Their expressions were awesome as they fished their hands inside the gooey mess. Some of them got treats: candy, buttons or plastic fangs. And some of them got tricks: stretchy rats, dental floss or toothpaste.

It was funny. And entertaining. And chaos was kept to a low, tolerable roar. Mission accomplished.


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