Saturday, October 16, 2010

Greening up Gammon.

This weekend, I volunteered our family to tackle a little landscaping project at Gus' school - Gammon Elementary. (As Eric can attest, I'm famous for volunteering his time & talent.) We planted some boxwood bushes, ornamental grasses and a crape myrtle bush in a new landscape bed at the front entry of the building. 

Each year, the GEPTO (Gammon Elementary Parent Teacher Organization) budgets for a "school beautification" project. So last year, I told them that we would do something every fall as long as we have kids going to school at Gammon. (Which, will be until 2017, if my math is correct. Yikes, what was I thinking???!?) Eric and I don't really have time to volunteer for GEPTO or school fundraisers. But we do have green thumbs. And strong backs. And a good resource for some discounted plants - thanks Tree Top Nursery! If this is how we can give back to our community and help build some pride in our school, then that's what we are willing to do. Plus, I thought it was great that Bea and Gus helped us today - seeing what hard work and effort can achieve. They were great little landscapers.



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