Monday, October 17, 2011

Fun in Phoenix.

In between the AIGA design conference sessions, Eric and I were able to enjoy all that downtown Phoenix had to offer: Great restaurants, fun & funky shopping and the Heard Museum. 

We didn't have a rental car, so we walked and took the Light Rail whenever possible. But it was soooooo freakin' hot for October - over 100 degrees. At one point on Saturday, we abandoned a 2-mile hike through a picturesque historic neighborhood because we realized that we were the only ones walking outside. I'm sure everyone who saw us thought: "Idiots. Don't they know it's over 100 degrees?" Plus, I was wearing sandals. Poor footwear choice for that day.

Other than the heat, it was a fantastic trip. Our first vacation by ourselves in over 10 years and long overdue.

Cool places & things we ate:

Interesting things we saw:
Fun places we shopped:


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