Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Director Barbie

When I worked at Sullivan Higdon & Sink, we celebrated Halloween BIG. The agency used to have a trick-or-treat party every year for it's employees and their little ones. Team work spaces were transformed into spooky hallows & tunnels-of-terror, and lots of people dressed up.

The Art Director Barbie box I made in 2004 is probably my most favorite costume. I designed custom graphics for the inside and outside of a giant box and then put handles on it so that I could carry it and walk around. I included a few accessories: a Pantone swatch book, an X-acto knife and a Starbucks coffee cup. And my favorite bit of ad copy was on the side: Copywriter not included.

It was a hit with the creative & ad folks I worked with. I'm pretty sure that was the year I won Best Costume.

Now I prefer to funnel my creative juices into my kiddos' costumes. It's October 2nd and we're busily working on this year's trick-or-treat "ta-da!" Stay tuned for the big reveal.
Here are a couple of other fun costumes I wore for Halloween at SHS over the years.
 A mama kangaroo & her little joey (Gus)
 A litter of puppies
Sandra as Derek Lowrey
(Derek was a notable character & good friend at SHS.)


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