Monday, November 23, 2015

Strawberry Turkeys

This year, I'm thankful for simple food crafts that make me smile - like these sweet, strawberry turkey treats.

Just cover a strawberry in a caramel apple wrap, add some pretzel and Tootsie Roll legs, and you've got a miniature roasted turkey.

Then, gobble, gobble, gobble them up.

Here are my step-by-step instructions. Enjoy!

Strawberry Turkey Treats

This recipe will make 10 Strawberry Turkeys
Approximate time: 30 minutes

10 large strawberries
10 caramel apple wraps
10 dipping pretzel sticks
10 vanilla Tootsie Rolls

1. Gather your ingredients and supplies.

2. Cut a small piece off the upper side the strawberry so that it leaves a flat area for the strawberry to sit.

3. Place the strawberry in the center of a caramel wrap, with the cut side up.

4. Gently wrap the strawberry in caramel, trimming off any excess caramel with scissors, and shape it to look like a roasted turkey body.

5. To make the turkey legs, break the dipping pretzels in half. Tear off pieces of vanilla Tootsie Roll and shape them over the rounded end of the pretzels to make the bone. Use your scrap pieces of caramel from wrapping the strawberries, to make the meaty part of the turkey legs.

6. Attach the pretzel turkey legs to the sides of the strawberry turkey body. If they don’t stick immediately, use some softened pieces of caramel to help attach them.

Strawberry Turkey Treats are best if served immediately. Store in a cool room. Can be refrigerated for 24-hours, but will start to get sticky if left refrigerated too long.


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