Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Prepping for Final Friday

Only 2 more days until my Final Friday show at Watermark Books & Café - Edible Art by Sandra Denneler

Eric and Bea helped me hang the photo wall display at Watermark last Sunday. I had Rand Graphics print 11x17 posters of my edible art projects, and then linked them together with metal ring binders. It looks like a giant curtain of photos in the café area. I just love it. I'll take some better photos on Friday and post more later.

I've been making & baking stuff for the last 10 days. Here's hoping I can get it all transported to Watermark unscathed. That's always my biggest baking fear - spending hours on something, only to have it fall apart upon arrival. I can't even watch those baking shows when they have to move a giant cake to a venue for a party. Seriously, it just stresses me out. 

Wish me luck. And sanity. I need both at this point.


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