Saturday, November 1, 2014

Basket-of-Kittens Costume

Surprise. Surprise. Our cat-loving daughter wanted to dress up as a basket-of-kittens for Halloween this year. Two years ago, she went as a calico cat. But this year, she was a black "momma" cat with a litter of assorted kittens in her wicker basket. (A.K.A. The Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit.)

Eric devised a way to cut a hole in the bottom without the entire basket falling apart, and then we used a piece of thick upholstery foam to fit snuggly around her waist so the basket wouldn't slide down. It worked great. She was able to walk, use her hands and move easily up and down stairs. 

She got lots of compliments and everyone seemed to like her trick-or-treat candy bag: a Meow Mix cat food bag.

I think if Bea had her way, she'd dress up as a cat every year.


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