Thursday, March 14, 2013

Holla! Hollow Chocolate Easter Eggs

Many years ago, I remember making some hollow eggs with yarn and glue - similar to a piñata. And then I saw a tutorial for it a few months ago and I thought to myself: I wonder if you could do that with chocolate?

Guess what? You can. What I thought was going to be a disastrous kitchen experiment, turned into a really fun project. So much, that I was sad when I ran out of balloons, because I wanted to make more. The only part of the experiment that didn't go too well, was when I first attempted to make these using a water balloon. I thought it would make sense to use a water balloon because it's smaller than regular balloons. Oh my. Big mistake. Yes, it's smaller, but the latex is also very THIN. Therefore, when you pour hot melted chocolate on it..... KAPOW! It explodes. Chocolate. Went. Everywhere.

I might still be cleaning blue candy melt off my kitchen ceiling 10 years from now.

But, consider it a lesson learned. And a good laugh. Use regular-sized balloons, just inflate them a tiny, tiny bit. 

The complete tutorial is available at SheKnows. Have fun. Experiment. Enjoy. I certainly did.


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