Thursday, November 1, 2012

Calico Cat Costume

Ever since we got our calico cat, Cake, in April, my kids have been on a calico kick. So it wasn't surprising that Bea wanted to be one for Halloween this year.

Yes, I could have put her in a white sweat suit, added some spots and drew some whiskers on her cheeks. But we all know that's not gonna happen. It's just not.

Instead, I used a laundry basket, an old bike helmet, upholstery foam, three yards of fur and two cans of spray glue. I'd like to say I had a plan in mind when I started, but I didn't. I just started cutting and gluing and furring as I went along. Plan schman. Just dive in and see what happens. In the end, it turned out pretty cute. And almost functional. Bea could move her arms and legs freely. And she could see. Mostly.

Bea loved her costume, and all of her friends at school enjoyed "petting" it. I can't say that our cat loved it. She went sprinting across the backyard when a 4-foot version of herself tried to grab her.

Bea's buddy, Morgan, was a black cat. Two, cute kitties!

Here are some photos of how I made the costume. Disclaimer: I am not a professional. At all. Just an insane mom.

I started with a tall laundry basket, and glued an old bike helmet on top.
Added some foam ears and a rounded head.

Covered everything in shaggy, cream fur, using spray glue.
Added a pink felt nose on the snout.

Added pink felt ears, and lots of furry spots.

More furry, random, calico-like spots on the back.

Added the tail.

Covered some pink gloves in fur.

Covered some pink slippers in fur.

Added some large, goggly eyes.


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