Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Can't Bee Stopped.

I couldn't help myself. Even though Bea requested no "Bee" birthday cake this year, I still managed to talk her into letting me make beehive cookies for her class treat.

What's the fun in naming your kid Bea if you can't enjoy it?

Using my favorite Kansas Sugar Cookie recipe (substituting the almond extract for lemon), I baked five different sizes of cookies. Stacking them to make mini beehives, I added a dollop of frosting in between each cookie. For the openings, I attached black candy melts to the fronts of the beehives with more frosting. Then, I secured a tiny sugar bumblebee to each one with another dab of frosting. (I bought a bunch of these candy bees from Williams-Sonoma when Bea was just a baby, knowing I'd want to use them someday.)

Easy-peasy. And Beasy. 

If you'd like a complete tutorial on how to make them, check out my post on SheKnows.com.


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