Saturday, April 7, 2012

Home Sweet Home Shower

I've been keeping myself busy lately, buying candy and baking treats in every shade of purple possible. Someone who had seen the wedding dessert tables I did for my friend, Rachel, last summer contacted me and asked if I could make a perfectly-purple dessert table for a bridal shower she was hosting the first Saturday in April. The theme of the shower was "Home Sweet Home" and the bride is a K-State grad (thus, the Purple Pride!)

Instead of using my fancy glass apothecary jars, vases and white platters, I decided to use household items for displaying the goodies - baking pans, measuring cups, canning jars, colanders, a blender, a mixer, a lamp and a big white frame. I thought it really tied-in nicely with the Home Sweet Home theme.

I hope the bride and her party guests enjoyed the sweet display. I had a lot of fun dreaming up all the different purple possibilities.
The blender is filled with Sixlet candies.
Measuring spoons were used for candy scoops.
These spoons are filled with peanut butter and covered in purple chocolate.

The fortune cookies had a special message inside:
"Marriage is a dinner, that begins with dessert."
This house & heart picture was created with Sixlet candies.

The mixing bowl was filled with huckleberry flavored taffy.

I used Hershey's Kisses for the "fringe" on the lamp shade.

Marshmallow Peeps surround these petite cupcakes in various shades of purple.

I used a mini colander to hold these purple, chocolate-dipped Oreos.

Purple ombre sugar cookies filled my favorite, 5-tiered dessert stand.

Each of the Whirly Pop lollipops had photo sticker of the bride & groom.

I just loved these Itty-bitty purple macarons with raspberry creme filling.

I built the 3-dimensional Home Sweet Home sign out of foam core and hot glue.


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