Thursday, December 15, 2011

Addie's Room

A year ago I promised my niece, Addie, that I would decorate her room for her 7th birthday. She's now 8+ and the room is 98% done. (Aunt Sandy still has to make the cupcake headboard.)

But here's a peek at Addie's "Peace, Love & Polka Dots" room. Lots of color. Lots of fun. And all made with love.
Every little girl loves candy & cupcakes.
Addie's dad painted horizontal, aqua blue stripes on the wall.
We added some colorful, paper pom-poms in the corner.
Stuck some fluttering of paper butterflies on the wall next to the fur lamp.
Addie found these peace symbol decals and put her own touches here & there.
We put a giant, pink dog on one closet door. These were large-format, adhesive-backed vinyl posters that I had printed and we mounted them ourselves. They turned out great, even though they were a giant pain in the butt.
This is where the cupcake headboard will go. Someday. Soon.
More fun, colorful stuff.
We installed a giant, green kitty cat on the other closet doors.
No candy stand is complete without a bright, pink striped awning.
Bea and her cousin, Addie.
Addie's all smiles in her fun, new room.
Can I have one of those purple gumballs?


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