Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wisconsin Waterpalooza

The Denneler family is back from their summer vacation. 

 < insert giant sighs of exhaustion here > 

We drove 13 hours north to the Wisconsin Dells - apparently not just the land of cheese, but America's largest waterparks too. We stayed at Glacier Canyon Lodge in The Wilderness Resort, and waterparked (is that a verb?) until we were sufficiently pruney. They have 8 indoor and outdoor waterparks, a zipline, arcades, a pottery shop, lazer tag, and outdoor amusement rides too. Boredom was never an option.

Then we drove to Janesville, Wisconsin to visit our good friends, the Kolstes - who entertained us with golf, a water ski show, fireworks, biking, and more water fun on their boat.

6 days + 6 states + 6,000,000,000 gallons of water = 1 tired family

Here are more photos than you probably care to see. Enjoy!

I'm happy to report that these smiles were coming from the backseat almost the entire trip. Yes, the constant use of iPads, iPhones and DS games helped, but Gus and Bea were very good travel buddies during the 1500+ miles.


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