Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nooks & Niches

Eric cringes every time I ask "Hey... are there any wires or electrical boxes in this wall?" because he knows I'm going to want him to cut another hole somewhere. I can't help it. I like nooks & niches. They're the perfect solution for displaying fun treasures (or hiding gobs of stuff) in crowded hallways, tiny spaces or on odd-angle walls. Here's a few of the nooks & niches in our house. I have ideas for more in the basement, but I haven't shared those with my handyman husband just yet. Shhhhh.....

Hallway nooks: Yes, I know. They're restaurant steamer pans inserted into the wall. I used to be a salad bar attendant at a Sirloin Stockade in college, and these shiny silver pans always intrigued me. I like them even better in my wall, highlighting photos of Bea.

A bathroom niche: I asked Eric to give this one an arched top. Then I framed it. Makes the little blue birdies appear even more special.

Look behind that canvas painting. It's actually our medicine cabinet. Kinda sneaky, huh?

Bedroom knick-knack nooks: This crazy-angled wall in Gus' room was the perfect place for shelves to hold his Gus-themed collection.


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