Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If you inflate it, they will come.

The kids in our neighborhood have a 6th sense for summertime fun. It's almost as if a "Bat Signal" went out on Sunday for an impromptu pool party in our backyard.

Mere minutes after I inflated our little pirate ship pool for Gus and Bea to splash around in and cool off, we had four kids knocking on the door to see if they could play. And then two more showed up, and then two more ... I even had a mom drive by and drop off two girls that I'd never met before. No kidding - didn't know them, didn't know their mom, but they jumped out of the car with waterguns in-hand and headed to the backyard to play.

Sure, why not.

Before I knew it, we had 10 kids running around with squirt guns and water balloons and trying to do cannon balls in our pathetic, 48-inch-wide Scurvy Dog. (BTW - the pirate pool has seen it's last hurrah. We'll be heading to the store for a replacement the next weekend we get temperatures above 90º.)

The waterpark fun lasted for three hours. And while I'm glad my kids and their friends had a good time, I'm not sure I'm prepared for a whole summer of this. I can't handle the popsicle demand.


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