Friday, September 25, 2009

We are go for launch!

The backyard rocketship playset is nearing completion. There's just a few finishing details and accessories to add, if Eric's patience can stand it (and me.) Not that I've been a difficult project manager, but I have a feeling I've used up all my spousal favors on this one. He's tolerated every crazy request and suggestion that I've been able to throw at him. After all, it's for the kids, right honey?

OK. I admit, this rocketship was as much for the kids as it was for me. Deep down, I had an unfulfilled desire for a playhouse that my dad promised me he'd build and never did. Not that my dad could have even attempted to build something like this. Not in a million years. But when you're a kid, don't you believe that your parents can do anything? I did.

The coolest thing is, Gus is going to remember Eric building this for him. And Bea will see photos of herself at age 3, giggling with delight inside the rocket swing on a spectacular fall day.

Thanks Dad. We love you to the moon and back.


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