Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ahoy matey!

Aaarrgh. How do I get talked into buying these things?

We've taken a short break from projects to focus on some summertime fun. Our alligator pool had one too many holes in it to make it through another season, so Gus picked out this oh-so-cool Pirate Ship boat - complete with shooting water canon. It's big enough for Gus, Bea and a few neighbor kids to splash around in, but small enough that we can dump it out & move it at the end of the day. (So it doesn't kill the grass. Very important, since a Slip 'N Slide fungus left a lovely strip of yellow turf in the center of the yard last weekend. Oops.)

With a few sunburns under our belt (and on my shoulders, neck and back) the Dennelers are off to a sunny summer on Winterberry Street.


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