Sunday, May 17, 2009

Top 10 Questions Asked on the 1st Grade Field Trip to the Sedgwick County Zoo.

10. Can we eat lunch?
9. Can I have a drink?
8. Why is that monkey's butt red?
7. Can I get a snow cone?
6. Can we feed the fish? Geese? Giraffes? Gorillas?
5. Will you hold my jacket? Map? Snow cone money? Water bottle?

4. Can I have a snack?
3. What time is the bus coming? (Usually followed by "what time is it?")
2. Can we sit down?
1. My feet hurt, will you carry me?

I volunteered to go on Gus' First Grade field trip to the zoo on Friday. Usually, a 3-hour visit to the zoo on a sunny day in May can be so delightful. However, we were there for 5 hours, and it was really HOT. Despite all the whining, the kids had a great time. And I did too (when I wasn't feeling like a pack mule - jackets, lunch boxes, hats, sunscreen, camera, backpack, etc.)


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