Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh Post-it Note, Oh Post-it Note....

I decided my office at WSU needed a little holiday cheer, so I made this Post-it Note Christmas tree last week. It took 10 packages of lime green Post-its (and no, I did not expect the State of Kansas to fund my little creative whim - I bought them myself.) However, other office supplies lent themselves to the decorations - paperclip garland, CD ornaments, a star pencil, and an inter-office envelope for the tree trunk.

* Special thanks to Craig "The Elf" Lindeman for helping bedazzle the tree.
He finally found himself caught up in the Christmas spirit, but only after two days of razzin' me for wasting all those Post-it Notes (made from a tree) just to make another tree. I'm making a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation in his name.


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