Monday, November 3, 2008

Cupcakes for the Cure

My oven's been working overtime, baking some sweet treats for a breast cancer fundraiser held last weekend in Brookville, Kansas. A former Colby High School classmate of mine (Jodi Copeland Smith), had seen some of my edible art on Facebook and contacted me to see if I would bake some items to sell at their "Dig for the Cure" volleyball tournament fundraiser.

Jodi herself, is a breast cancer survivor, and was really excited when I suggested selling some fun, yet tasteful "Cupcakes for the Cure" - a pair of boob-like cupcakes, packaged in a sweet little pink box. I also made some giant volleyball sugar cookies frosted with pink ribbons.

The tournament was a big success. They made almost $4000, and I heard th
at my tasty boobs and balls sold out. Yea for sugar! Boo for breast cancer! (Ironically, it just dawned on me this weekend that my Aunt Maryellen - the woman who instilled in me from childhood this desire to bake fun, edible art - was a breast cancer survivor too, from the 1960's.)


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