Saturday, March 29, 2014

Just What the Doctor Ordered

It's only been two years, but Redbud Pediatrics has already expanded their clinic space! So, I was thrilled when Dr. Rebecca Reddy asked me to create some new décor for the added exam rooms and enlarged waiting area. 

I've spent the last couple of months constructing giant letters out of foam core, hot gluing fur and other funky fabrics, designing new kid-friendly canvas prints, and painting big blue birds. Eric and I installed everything this afternoon, and I just love how it came together. 

So. Much. Fun. 

Hope you agree.

Blue bench from Tree Top Nursery, wooden trees and canvas wrapped frame.

More canvas-wrapped prints and the play table/house Eric built 2 years ago.
"redbud" letters made out of foam core and covered in white vinyl fabric.
Canvas-wrapped frames made by Signs Now.
Mirror slats that I bought from and attached to MDF board.

"the picture of health" vinyl lettering attached to the mirror by Signs Now.
Custom vinyl numbers on the bottom of each exam room door.

Custom Redbud bird cut out of MDF board, made by Eric.

Jane Jenni plates attached to the wall in one exam room.
Custom framed print: "You're growing like a weed."

Red clipboards with custom mini posters.

Red clocks I found at Target and added the little blue birds on top.

Peace, love & Redbud bird, made out of foam core and covered in fabrics and fur.

Funky furs and fabrics covering each shape.

Custom framed prints near the nurses station.


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