Sunday, October 13, 2013

Going the Extra Mile

Eric ran the 2013 Prairie Fire Half-Marathon this morning. The weather was ideal and the kids and I cheered him along the way. I've kind of lost track of how many half-marathons he's done now - 5 or 6? - but he finished this one in a time of 1:36:18 and placed 65th out of 1638 runners. 

Pretty damn good. 

I may complain a lot about his long-distance running hobby, but at least it keeps him healthy. Maybe some day I'll get tired of my little 3-mile jogs and join him. 

Nah. Just kiddin'. It'll never happen. I always said, if I were ever going to run a marathon, it would have to be in Hawaii or Aruba. (I bet Aruba's not even big enough to have a marathon. You'd probably just have to run around it 3 times.)


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