Monday, May 21, 2012

MBA Dessert

What do you bake for someone celebrating their MBA degree? How about a Mocha Brownie Accolade? (Not one of my best puns, I know. But I challenge you to come up with something better.)

My friend, Barbara, got her MBA last weekend and I wanted to surprise her at work with another dessert - brownies cut into the shape of MBA. Just two short years ago, she got her bachelor's degree and we celebrated with these graduation cap brownie lollipops. If she decides to go for her doctorate degree, I might have to start brainstorming dessert ideas now.

How do you make MBA-shaped brownies? Easy. You just bake your brownies. Print out the letters in a size that will fit inside your pan. Cut them out. Lay them on top of the baked brownies. And then trim, trim, trim around the letters with a serrated knife. 


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