Sunday, November 1, 2015

Oreo Cookie Costume

I often joke that my kids are rarely impressed with my baking creations, and would almost always rather eat an Oreo cookie.

So, I wasn't surprised when Bea decided she wanted to be an Oreo for Halloween this year. It was the perfect choice really. She's one sweet kid. (And a really smart cookie.) She even came up with the idea of using a milk jug for her candy bucket.

Oreos & milk - the perfect combination.

Gus is 14 now, so he decided he was too old to dress up and go trick-or-treating this year. But he was a nice big brother, and helped walk Bea around the neighborhood.

I didn't take any how-to photos as I made the costume, but it was pretty simple. First, I had Signs Now print the Oreo wafer images on adhesive vinyl. Then I applied them to black foam core and cut out the cookie shapes with an exacto knife. For the creamy filling, I used upholstery foam, making sure to cut holes for the head, arms and legs. The foam tends to have a yellowish hue, so I painted it white with spray paint. Bea wore a white shirt, tights, hat and gloves and I painted the inside of the milk jug with white spray paint too.