Saturday, September 27, 2014

Eight is Great!

Bea turned eight (great) years old this week. For the last three years, she's celebrated her birthday making stuffed animals with friends at Build-a-Bear. But this time she wanted to get manis and pedis with her best pals, Peyton & Morgan. (Amazing how quickly they grow up, huh?) So that's what we did.

There was also lots of celebrating with cake, presents, laughter, a sleepover, and more cake.

For her birthday treats at school on Monday, Bea asked me to make calico cat cookies. Halfway through baking them, she expressed her disappointment that they were sugar cookies and not chocolate chip cookies. Apparently, I missed the memo instructing me to make them out of chocolate chip cookie dough. But she graciously agreed to take them to school anyway, and all the kids said they loved them. (Thank goodness. Sometimes, there's just too much pressure on this mom to get the birthday treats right. I guarantee my own mother never suffered this much angst over a cookie.)

The next Denneler birthday in this house is mine. I'll take one just like Bea's, please - manis, pedis & cake!