Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Graduating Gus

Gus and his teacher, Mrs. Brill

Last week, Gus and his 5th grade class had an end-of-year celebration, closing their grade school chapter at Gammon Elementary and looking ahead to middle school.

I foolishly volunteered to help plan the event (not realizing it would just be me and one other mom handling everything - invites, programs, decorations, refreshments and presents!) But, despite our tiny committee of two, we managed to put together a lovely party. Thank goodness my parent partner was a balloon artist with all the right connections at Pioneer Balloon. She rocked that balloon arch!

I didn't cry, until Gus' P.E. teacher, Mr. Gibson, got up and gave him a special award for being one of his outstanding students. (And believe me, it wasn't because he's a fantastic athlete or a star player.) It was because he's got a great heart. And it made me so proud to know that others see the same wonderful things in Gus, that we've known since the day he was born. 

So we clapped, and smiled, and ate cookies and said our goodbyes to grade school.

Bright futures ahead!

Bright, beautiful balloon arch courtesy of my amazing party partner, Melissa.

Program and list of 58 fellow 5th graders

Gus peeking around the balloon arch before the ceremony.

Beach towels for all the graduates.

Balloon columns and sign on the stage.

Colorful cookies after the ceremony.

Mrs. Brill reading the students' "When I am 21....." statements.

Gus' 5th Grade Class

Just like they practiced - grab the certificate with the left, shake with the right.

Gus and Mr. Gibson, his P.E. teacher.