Saturday, June 30, 2012

Garden Cake (2000)

This cake was definitely made b.c (before children). I remember seeing it in Martha Stewart Living and thought it was the most incredible, edible thing... ever. I just HAD to try and make it myself.

So, in April of 2000, I attempted this labor of love for my friend's birthday at work. The magazine gave step-by-step instructions for all of the fondant vegetables, and I seriously think it took me two solid weeks to make them all. It was unbelievably hard to find the right kinds of candy decorations & supplies at the time - chocolate rocks, green grass sprinkles, fondants and gel food colorings, etc. Plus, I'd never even worked with fondant before so there was quite a learning curve. 

Not nearly as fabulous and perfect as Martha's, but it was a major baking achievement for me and certainly a hit around the office. (Sorry about the pixelated photos - shot with early digital photography at too low of a resolution. Bummer.) 

Lettuce, red cabbage and cauliflower

Carrots and radishes

Center fountain with floating lily pads

Artichokes and rhubarb

Tomatoes, yellow bell peppers and watermelons