Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Boudoir Baker

If I'm not careful, I'm gonna start getting a reputation for my R-rated baking projects. First boob cupcakes and cookies, and now bra & panty cookies.

Some friends of mine were getting together in KC this weekend for a bachelorette party and they wanted to surprise Rachel, the bride-to-be, with these slightly risqué cookies. I made one white bra & panty especially for the bride to eat. And I packaged them in pizza boxes so they'd be easy to transport. (Plus, that way they wouldn't have to worry about returning any of my cookie trays. I'm constantly losing those things.)

I thought it was funny that my 9-year-old son didn't even question what I was making last Thursday night. Apparently it didn't seem out of the ordinary for his mom to be frosting thong underwear cookies at the kitchen table.