Friday, December 24, 2010

Self-decorating Sugar Cookies

I've discovered a new, favorite way to make cool sugar cookies (minus the carpal-tunnel-inducing frosting & decorating.)

They're called Icebox Cookies. (It's the same technique I used to make my Candy Corn Cookies back in October.) You mix them up, color them whatever funky way you desire, roll/layer/twist them however you choose, and pop them in the refrigerator. When they're chilled and hard, you take them out, cut them into slices and bake them. OK. Yes, I realize the Pillsbury Dough Boy's been doing this for 100 years. But I like to use my favorite Kansas Sugar Cookie recipe and make colorful designs with mine.

I'm taking these green stripey trees and wintery circles back to our families for Christmas. I especially love how great they stack and pack for easy travel.