Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I don't send Christmas cards.

Nine years ago, I designed and mailed out Gus' birth announcements. And every year since then, I've always tried to send a fun "Denneler Update" to family and friends in the fall. It's my version of a Christmas card. Minus the stress & frenzy of the holidays. 

Once a year, I get to be my own client. Sometimes, Eric doesn't even see what I'm doing until it's in the mail. I'm working on our 2010 Denneler Update now - trying to find the perfect mix of informative, entertaining, and cheap to produce. (That's the hardest part, of course.) Here's a look at the last 9 years. Enjoy!

2001 - "Gus' Birth Announcement"

2002 - "Sandals"

2003 - "Tidbits of 2003"

2004 - "Library Cards"

2005 - "The Alphabet"

2006 - "Bea's Birth Announcement"

2007 - "Starbucks Cups"

2008 - "Denneler Family Buttons"

2009 - "Business Cards"