Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Before you know it.... Bea's four.

Our little Bea celebrated her 4th birthday today with her buddies from Adventureland Daycare and a giant, pink bumblebee cake. It was going to be yellow, but Bea made a last-minute "PINK!" demand, and I hated to disappoint the birthday girl. And no, I did not defy cake gravity. The bottom half is made of styrofoam mounted on wooden dowel rods, and the top half is cake. The whole thing is covered in buttercream icing and crushed cookies.
All that work, and then Bea only wanted to eat the chocolate wings and stinger. Go figure. But everyone else had their fill of frosting and fun. We bounced in the inflatable house, slid, swung & climbed on the rocketship, built sandcastles, played house, picked flowers, ate pizza, drank juice and giggled. A lot. It was everything a 4-year-old could ask for and more.