Sunday, June 6, 2010

Now Showing

Eric's retro-inspired, walnut cabinet TV stand is now done and looks beautiful in the downstairs playroom. (Glad to finally get that TV off the floor - I could just see one of the kids doing a summersault into the screen...)

It's the first piece of furniture in our house made of walnut. Hummm...I think I like it. Eric seems to go through "wood" phases. When we first dated & married, he made everything out of oak. Then, about 10 years ago he started working in mostly cherry. And now it's walnut. We are nothing, if not eclectic in this house.

The cabinet drawers are nice and deep (and dovetailed, of course.) They're perfect for holding lots of DVDs, Wii games or stuffed animals that Miss Bea likes to hide. And the two shelves hold our cable box, DVD player and Wii, with room to spare for the next, must-have electric device.

Stop by for a movie sometime!